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International Certificate in doctoral research training

The International Certificate in doctoral research training (CIRD) is a programme designed for PhD candidates registered for a PhD at a university other than ULB and who are doing a research stay for a period of more than 3 months at ULB. It is only open to PhD candidates who cannot do their PhD under joint supervision.


The programme content is tailored to the PhD candidate’s needs and is drawn up by the hosting professor. The hosting professor must ensure that the thesis supervisor and Faculty Doctoral Commission agree with the programme. The programme contains research activities. It may also include scientific training in the field and transferable skills training.


At the end of their stay at ULB, the PhD candidate receives the "International Certificate in doctoral research training" which attests the successful completion of activities carried out during the stay at ULB.

Conditions of access

  • Being enrolled for a PhD at another university than ULB
  • Staying more than 3 months at ULB
  • The jointly supervised PhD (cotutelle) is not possible
  • Agreement signed by ULB and the home university
  • Consent of the supervisor (when signing the agreement)
  • Consent of the ULB professor (when signing the agreement)
  • Consent of the ULB Faculty Doctoral Commission 

How to register

1. The PhD candidate contacts Ms Kitsopoulos (ULB Research administration office) in order to check whether the CIRD can be set up in their personal case.
2. After getting the consent of Ms Kitsopoulos, the PhD candidate sends to Ms Kitsopoulos the agreement signed by their home university and themselves, as well as the registration form.
3. The ULB Research administration office collects required signatures from members of ULB staff.
4. When the agreement has been signed by all parties, the ULB Registration Department registers the PhD candidate.
5. The PhD candidate pays the registration fee (279€).
6. The ULB Registration Department sends a proof of registration to the PhD candidate.
Please note that the PhD candidates pays 32€ at the start of every new academic year when the registration covers several academic years.

Updated on December 20, 2021