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State and Society in East Asia

année académique

Titulaire(s) du cours

Pierre PETIT (Coordonnateur) et Vanessa FRANGVILLE

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Contenu du cours

The theme of the lecture in 2022-2023 is propaganda, considered in its different dimensions and through its different supports. The topic will be approached through case studies in different countries of Northeast and Southeast Asia, notably China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. The lecture will be based on in-presence communications by different scholars, including Judith Audin, Thomas Boutonnet, Susan Bayly, Stefan Landsberger, Soren Ivarsson, and Baj Strobel.

Objectifs (et/ou acquis d'apprentissages spécifiques)

To develop a critical appraisal of the processes of propaganda, based on case studies that will question theoretical and methodological issues.
To develop a better understanding of the historical and social diversity of the different areas of Northeast and Southeast Asia.

Méthodes d'enseignement et activités d'apprentissages

This course is organised as a seminar in which students are expected to actively participate.

Pierre Petit and Vanessa Frangville will provide a state of the art to start the lecture. This will be followed by nine or conferences, by the invited speakers and the teachers themselves, keeping time for questions and answers. The last session will be a conclusion discussing the recurring themes.

Références, bibliographie et lectures recommandées

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Méthode(s) d'évaluation

  • Travail personnel
  • Examen écrit

Travail personnel

Examen écrit

1) Attendance and active participation are expected and marked.
3) In-class test (2 hours, 2 to 3 questions). Answers can be provided in English or French.

Absence must be justified and medical attestation provided in the three days following the course, if applicable.

Construction de la note (en ce compris, la pondération des notes partielles)

Attendance and active participation: 4
In-class test: 16

Langue(s) d'évaluation

  • anglais
  • (éventuellement français )