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Simulation and design tools

année académique

Titulaire(s) du cours

Frédéric DEBASTE (Coordonnateur) et Tom VAN ASSCHE

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Contribution au profil d'enseignement

This teaching unit contributes to the following competences:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of integrated structural design methods in the framework of a global design strategy

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the advanced methods and theories to schematize and model complex problems or processes

  • Reformulate complex engineering problems in order to solve them (simplifying assumptions, reducing complexity)

  • Collaborate in a (multidisciplinary) team

  • Work in an industrial environment with attention to safety, quality assurance, communication and reporting

  • A creative, problem-solving, result-driven and evidence-based attitude, aiming at innovation and applicability in industry and society

  • Consciousness of the ethical, social, environmental and economic context of his/her work and strives for sustainable solutions to engineering problems including safety and quality assurance aspects

  • The flexibility and adaptability to work in an international and/or intercultural context

  • An integrated insight in chemical process and materials' technology

Autres renseignements


Frédéric Debaste (fdebaste@ulb.ac.be)

Jean-Pierre Vanbergen (Jean.Pierre.Vanbergen@ulb.ac.be)

Harry Verelst (hverelst@vub.ac.be)


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  • anglais