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Analyse et gestion des aspects sociaux et culturels du tourisme

année académique

Titulaire(s) du cours

Anya DIEKMANN (Coordonnateur)

Crédits ECTS


Langue(s) d'enseignement


Contenu du cours

The course is organised in collaboration with the university of Mumbai (India). Students from both partner universities will collaborate and learn about heritage management aspects in both countries.

Objectifs (et/ou acquis d'apprentissages spécifiques)

The course aims at developing cross-cultural exchange and understanding between students of the ULB and the university of Mumbai (MU). Moreover, it wishes to establish collaborations and interactions between the future tourism and heritage stakeholders of both countries.

Pré-requis et Co-requis

Connaissances et compétences pré-requises ou co-requises


Méthodes d'enseignement et activités d'apprentissages

ULB and MU students will attend a joint course, which will allow them to work together and gain a critical understanding of heritage tourism aspects in both countries. Thanks to online communication technologies (Teams, WhatsApp, etc.), the students of both universities will be working together on a weekly basis with face to face discussions! In addition, theoretical classes and compulsory reading will complete students’ knowledge about specific heritage management related topics, the partner country and learning methods (experiential learning and intercultural group work, cross-cultural differences, profiling, destination, etc.).

Contribution au profil d'enseignement

The course is unique opportunity to work closely with students from another country, learn about other cultures and develop intercultural skills.

Références, bibliographie et lectures recommandées


Support(s) de cours

  • Université virtuelle

Autres renseignements


Anya Diekmann




Méthode(s) d'évaluation

  • Travail de groupe
  • Présentation orale

Travail de groupe

Présentation orale

group reports and presentations

Construction de la note (en ce compris, la pondération des notes partielles)

see UV course outline

Langue(s) d'évaluation

  • anglais