Master de spécialisation en microfinance

Cette formation est enseignée en anglais. Elle est organisée en horaire décalé.

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  • Intitulé du programme
    Master de spécialisation en microfinance
  • mnémonique du programme
  • Programme organisé par
    • Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
    • Université de Mons
  • Type de diplôme
    Master spécialisé
  • Cycle
    2e cycle
  • Secteur et domaine d'études
    Sciences humaines et sociales/Sciences économiques et de gestion
  • Type d'horaire
    Horaire décalé
  • Langues d'enseignement
  • Durée théorique de la formation
    1 an
  • Campus
  • Catégorie / Thématique
    Sciences économiques et de gestion - Economie
  • Président du jury
    Marek HUDON
  • Secrétaire du jury
    Marc LABIE



Informations générales

Type de diplôme

Master spécialisé

Durée théorique de la formation

1 an

Langue(s) d'enseignement


Type d'horaire

Horaire décalé



Catégorie(s) - Thématique(s)

Sciences économiques et de gestion - Economie

Faculté(s) et université(s) organisatrice(s)


The European Microfinance Programme (EMP) was launched in 2005 in response to a growing demand for training in development activities, particularly in microfinance. Currently, the EMP is jointly organised by three European universities (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université de Mons and Université de Paris-Dauphine) and five non-governmental organizations ADA, BRS, CERISE, Positive Planet and SOS Faim.

The purpose of the programme is to train microfinance professionals from both the North and the South and contribute to the strengthening of microfinance institutions worldwide in accordance with the highest international standards.

The EMP offers a multidisciplinary approach on development issues in the microfinance sector. The programme combines solid theoretical foundations, practical knowledge, and on-field internship.


The microfinance sector is developing at a rapid pace creating a growing demand for experienced professionals within microfinance and credit institutions, banks and development investment funds in Europe and abroad.

The European Microfinance Programme is the first microfinance education program with a European scope and perspective. It offers the combined expertise of academics and experts working in the field.

Professors from three European universities in Belgium (ULB-UMONS) and France (Université Paris Dauphine) provide a solid theoretical foundation. Practitioners from the five non-governmental partner organizations ADA, BRS, CERISE, Positive Planet and SOS Faim give insights into the latest techniques used by international microfinance institutions.

The EMP is a particularly international Master. It gathers students from 20 to 30 different countries. Around 50% of them come from Southern countries. The programme provides the students with a broad overview of the field of microfinance followed by a compulsory internship in a microfinance institution in a developing country. EMP graduates are well-trained multi-disciplinary professionals, ready to innovatively address the challenges that the sector is facing today.


  • Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

  • Université de Mons), Belgium

  • Université Paris-Dauphine, France

Partner NGOs:

  • ADA, Luxemburg

  • BRS, Belgium

  • CERISE, France

  • PlaNet Finance, France

  • SOS Faim, Belgium

Conditions d’accès


The European Microfinance Programme is designed in one unit (60 crédits) and is spread over 3 periods:

  • 1st period (September-January): Introductory studies

  • 2nd period (February-April): Specialization

  • 3rd period (May-August): Internship and Master thesis

Et après ?


Career prospects for graduates from the European Microfinance Programme:

  • NGOs working in Microfinance

  • International Aid Organisations

  • MFI Rating Agencies

  • Investment Funds

  • Research